Tiny House Living

I love my tiny house. I always wanted to live in one, and in 2013 my dream came true when a tiny home came on the market and I snatched it up. The trend with tiny homes seems to be that they are little free standing structures that resemble adorable cottages but smaller. My tiny home is actually old, very old. It is a historic trinity house, built at least 100 years ago, at a whopping 450 sq ft. The house is 3 stories, plus a basement. Each floor is one room and no hallways, the only doors are to the basement, and the bathroom. The layout is, basement (washer and dryer), 1st floor living room, 2nd floor kitchen and bathroom, 3rd floor bedroom. There are a full flight of stairs in the bedroom taking you up and out onto the flat room, but I have yet to put a proper deck up there so it is a working space yet.

One day I would love to make every space functional and install shelves and built ins, but for the time being it’s virtually clutter free and the furniture is smaller than standard, minus the queen size bed. I wanted quality pieces so buying furniture took a few tries. I initially ordered it from a furniture store, measured, paid, waited for delivery and then they couldn’t get it down the alleyway. While it could fit through the front door- I had forgotten to measure the alleyway to get to the front door…. so it had to go back to the store. As did the queen bed with storage underneath. So I found another bed, got a split box spring, but gave up on a regular sized sofa and headed to IKEA.

Now, I love IKEA. I have furnished many apartments solely by IKEA, but I never held onto anything very long to know whether or not it would hold up over time, and because of the price point I had assumed it wouldn’t. I am happy to report I was wrong! The IKEA sofa that is now in the house has been there for 3 years and is still very comfortable! Sure, it could maybe used a new slip cover, but it can definitely last another 2 years just fine. Maybe 5 years still feels short to some, but for the price I paid I think it was a good value. Plus, no other store made mini sized sofa’s to fit the space. Other purchases at IKEA were a coffee table and a narrow tv console that holds a flat screen tv since it sits in front of a staircase so it cannot hang on the wall.


The kitchen has barely any room for furniture so the only thing on the 2nd floor is a vintage table with 2 chairs. The table can expand to seat 6, or at least to have more space. I do keep 2 folding chairs in the basement so if you really had to you can have a proper seating arrangement for 4.

The bedroom has a proper queen size bed, and a small dresser that I would like to replace soon. The bed was not my first choice, but the one I wanted did not fit up the stairs. I got the chandelier at Overstock and it was a steal! It made the biggest difference taking down the cheap ceiling fan that was up there and replacing it with this. The room still needs a rug and some shelving, but it works for now. The bedside table was a “as is” find at IKEA, the white doesn’t match perfectly and I really purchased it as a temporary piece before I found something I loved but 3 years later and it’s still there. All of the artwork in the house was either from a pile of random pieces not being used in my parents basement storage, IKEA as-is, or GoodWill. Once again, wanted to have stuff up so the house looked cozy, with the plan to trade up pieces as I came across things but I haven’t done that.

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