For the Pups

Two years ago we adopted a dog from the SPCA. This little dog brings me much joy I don’t know what I did without him. We adore him- and he is treated like a Puppy Prince.


Some things we need to work on- walking better on a leash. Things he excels at- commands like sit, stay, down, and come.

I have spent a lot of time and money researching and purchasing products for my furry family member, and wanted to share my favorites. They have been hit or miss so hopefully you can find this feedback helpful.

Sherpa Delta Deluxe Pet Carrier Medium – this bag is a favorite because it is strong and sturdy unlike the more fashionable bags I have purchased online. It can be closed up on 3/4 sides which is helpful for us because our dog tends to bark if he sees other dogs through the bag. For example… in a hotel lobby. Yeah, awkward and embarrassing. If he can’t see them, he’s fine and stays quiet- but he much prefers to stick his head out!

The mesh on the front of the bag does not have a covering but we found that we can easily face the bag in the other direction, against a wall, or against us if holding him. A lot of bags I found have way more mesh so they just don’t work for us. The bag is approved for air travel, and looks fairly professional and doesn’t scream “pet carrier”. On a recent flight no one even knew I had a dog with me.

When we were living in upstate NY our poor puppy hated the cold. His feet would freeze and/or ice would get stuck in his paws and he would stop walking and fall over. I wish I was exaggerating but it was really heartbreaking to watch. Fashion Pet Lookin Good Arctic Fleece Boots saved the day.  Last winter the temperature was regularly below 15 for weeks during the day, and at night would drop to single digits. I purchased many, many, boots. These are actually really inexpensive yet worked the best. We have had to order a few pairs because they do not last long, but they were the easiest to pull on and off, and most comfortable for him to wear. He only weighs 14 pounds, so the boots with hard soles were too heavy and he had trouble walking in them. These are perfect!
For smaller dogs I highly recommend these as they are soft fleece and will not restrict your dogs movement. They may only last a season but for our dogs comfort we felt they were the best option so I have to recommend them!

Another product for the cold that we love and helped keep his paws from getting too chapped was Musher’s Secret. Be careful to put it on right before heading out, when you are already by the door. It rubs off and your dog will slip on hardwood floors as well. It works great though!

When playing outside at night when off-leash we always put this light on him. Rechargeable Pet Collar. A lighted collar is a dog product that has come in very handy.

I have to include the Marsha Stewart Cuddler Pet Bed as it was his favorite! After washing it weekly, and my dog chewing on it, we finally had to retire this bed.
IMG_0920 (1)
I bought him a new one (different brand) but since he doesn’t love it, I am going to order another Martha Stewart Bed. The patterns are so cute- ours had little crabs, but I am linking one with bones because I can’t find the crab one anymore.